The Ultimate Guide On The Brand New Cabrinha Custom Kiteboard

Published: 19th January 2010
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Cabrinha, the brain child of the kite boarding and kite surfing champion Pete Cabrinha, is way ahead of its competitors in the field of kites, boards, harnesses and bars. If you are planning to buy a kiteboard from this company, you'll surely be spoiled by the choices that are available, but the fact is, the Cabrinha Custom kiteboard is among the favorite for many people. There are a number of reasons for this. In truth, the 2010 Cabrinha Custom really is unique, in this article we will discuss in detail about all of them. Wakeskate, Rival, Caliber, Plasma, Prodigy and a few more are other boards that you can get from this company.

The very first point of the Custom's uniqueness can be found in the design of the board's bottom. This is a completely unique and unconventional design. The board has a unique quad concave bottom design. It also has a brand new outline. Due to this, you get the maximum speed and drive while kiteboarding. But all this has been done keeping in mind the safety of the boarder. In fact, the board has been thoroughly tested by Andre Phillip, who is a leader of the wakestyle movement.

As the company's research and development center is located in Maui, Hawaii, and as most of the major kitesurfing championships are held there, the company always gets the opportunity to test every product before its actual launch into the market. A fine example is the Custom's quad concave bottom design, which is a result of more than a year's research. The fact is, if you are into progressive wakestyle riding, then you are unlikely to find anything that can be compared with the 2010 Cabrinha Custom.

In the Cabrinha Custom kiteboard, you will find that the concave shape has been reduced at the centre of the board. This has been done to help you perform the tricks that are a little bit off the axis. The center provides stability while the concave tips provide the bite. And because of the wood core, you can get a smooth ride and, this is what makes it very durable as well.

So if we were to list the main features of the 2010 Cabrinha Custom, we would have to mention the following:

1. It has a stiffer center section and there is a brand new flex pattern too.
2. It has the unique quad-step bottom design that provides the best grip.
3. Additional reflex response and stiffness is provided by the carbon deck strips.
4. The board has a bombproof paulownia wood core.
5. The inserts are stronger as well.

The Custom board from Cabrinha is available in 4 sizes, and they are 133 X 40, 136 X 42, 140 X 42.5 and 144 X 43.

All the points mentioned above have made the Cabrinha Custom board one of the best kitesurfing equipment ever made. The delights and thrills of kite surfing, or kite boarding, are being discovered by thousands of people all over the world as its popularity soars. You can too. But before starting, just make sure that you have the best kitesurfing equipment; this is important not only for your performance, but also for your safety.

Cabrinha Custom kiteboard is definitely the finest you will get, you must try this if you want to really enjoy the sport.

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